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The Archives

Digitizing the Old and New Series was a special centennial project managed by Editorial Assistant Yasha Magarik, with assistance from Webmaster Joe Fassler.

The Yale Review’s archives are split into three sections: Old Series (1892-1911),New Series (1911-1991), and Recent (1992-Present). The Old Series is a single tripartite index, organized by author, subject, and book being reviewed. The New Series indices are available volume by volume, by amalgamations of 10 volumes, and by an amalgamation of the entire New Series. Within the New Series, Volumes 60-79 are broken into specific issues, but are available in the same formats as the rest of the New Series to simplify your search. Recent issues are available by volume, which are broken into specific issues.

To search for a specific piece of text (such as a name or topic), you can use the ctrl + F (or command + F) option and type the text into the search box that will appear in your internet browser. This search method is not case sensitive, but is sensitive to the order of words, such as first and last names.

We have taken significant pains to standardize, to the greatest possible extent, the format of the indices. Spelling mistakes are minimal; punctuation and pagination errors are infrequent but do occur. Certain words—especially those transliterated from foreign languages—are spelled differently; if you are unable to find a specific word, try different iterations and conjugations of it.

• Old Series (1892 - 1911)

• New Series (1911 - 1991)

The Entire New Series • New Series by Decade • New Series by Volume