Shane McCrae

I stood on the bridge in the sky on the bridge between
Two buildings     at the second floor but in
Between the buildings so in neither one

But in the sky      on the second floor in the sky
Barely I had just barely     stepped from the
Nordstrom to cross to the food court barely and I

Now I stood looking down     still     looking down
At the white boy with the Nazi armband on
Below me     to my right below me then

I turned and he was right in front of me
A floor below me     smoking talking we
Would have stood face to face him turned away

From me and to my right away     and smiling
Talking to the white girl leaning     against the wall her
Back against the wall him turning also 

Sometimes away from her     and to her right
To blow his smoke away from her his     left
They stood so close together they might have kissed

They didn’t kiss     I watched from the sky     but they
Still might have loved     each other I watched afraid
That if they loved each other I would see