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Henry Walters

Dear Homebody,

Chimney Point: since I know you’ve never been, I’ll sketch it for you. A forefinger of land that pinches into Lake Champlain & narrows it. On the other side, its opposable thumb, is Crown Point, New York, site of an old British .   .   .

Jerri Jerreat

The café was a wide hallway in a refurbished century home. It had Doric columns at the entrance and stained-glass windows in the doors. It was all offices now, walls moved around, glass doors upstairs, very sleek.

Henry Walters

Dear Kid,

Of grammar’s simple machines, I’ve decided that the CLUE is the simplest. A conjunction of time’s sentences. It joins them—well, dreamily, if not in fact.

J. R. Gerow

How do they feel?

I said, when they see that wave coming, they start to panic. Some of them throw their bodies in front of the sandcastles – these meticulous, towering sandcastles they’ve built all day, or for days  .  .  .

Henry Walters

Dear Kid,

Emphysema, or the wisdom teeth emerging, or love: what goes on inside a body is always an elaborate, painstaking development, a one-act play in a black-box theater for an audience of one. Changes happen slowly, mostly, & we are slow to mark the change.

Henry Walters

The mathematician sits. She sits in the abstract. Abstracting, she considers a form. A form like a poem that works in two directions at once.

Karen Tucker

First things first: don’t start. Maybe you think you have the willpower to be a tourist, to chip on weekends, on payday, when you’re stressed out because your mom phoned you up asking you to send her another moneygram  .  .  .

Henry Walters

People are always asking, “What would you sculpt were you a sculptor?”

What would you in the barbershop.

What would you in the train station.

Meltem Gürle

“The train is delayed,” said the woman.

“Let’s go and have a beer.”

The man lifted his bag off the floor and slung it over his back.

Henry Walters

Axiom: you can’t throw anything out of a moving Automobile that doesn’t partake of the nature of the Automobile. If you’re going 60, so’s the apple core.