Table of Contents

Volume 105

No. 3

July 2017

Table of Contents: The Yale Review, Vol. 105, no. 3, July 2017

The Case for Wonder
A Meditation
Wyn Wachhorst

Oxford English in the Sixties
Alastair Fowler

Directing Democracy
Frances McCall Rosenbluth and Ian Shapiro

Correspondences and Affinities
Mary Maxwell

Griefs, not Grievances
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Anthony Hecht, and Contexts
    for an Act of Translation

Vincent Kling

Two Versions of Orpheus
Edgar Bowers and Thom Gunn
Timothy Steele

Belief and Sunburn in the Weight Room
Bruce Fleming


Mount Auburn Street
John Crowley


Turning the Compost
Roma Città Aperta
Blood and Light
Karl Kirchwey

Murder and Mayhem in Miami
The Words of His Dementia
Her Ashes
Chase Twichell

Summer Evening in New England
Randy Blasing

Independence Day
Ernest Hilbert

Jeredith Merrin

Jardin du Poète
Moira Egan

The Photographer Feasts Upon His Dish of Cold-Metal Lips
Mary Donnelly

Sheet Music
Laura Romeyn

Dying the Day Prince Died
David Yezzi

Jacarandas in Albany
Alan Williamson

Self-Portrait at Fifty-Six
Fleming Meeks


The Unknown Is Still Winning
The Voynich Manuscript
James Trilling

Fiction in Review
Zadie Smith
Marta Figlerowicz

Poetry in Review
New collections
Stephen Burt

Music in Review
Mr. Haydn’s Symphonies
Dewey Faulkner