Table of Contents

Volume 107

No. 2

April 2019

Cultural Differences
Jennifer Acker

Music in the Second Person
Listening to Opus 110

Mark Mazullo

Nothing New Under the Sun
Ann Petry’s The Street and The Narrows

Emily Bernard

“Sitting at the Table” with Stein and Ashbery
“An Occasion” for Thin[g]king

Karin Roffman

Myth and Anarchy
Matthew Spellberg


John Sayles

The Silver Pearl
Joanna Scott

The Woman Next Door
Ha Seong-Nan
Translated by Janet Hong


An Old Theme
Chorus from The Birds
Derek Mahon

Baggy-arsed country
Jacques Moulin
Translated by David Ball

Elegy in October
Frannie Lindsay

To My Daughter
Peter J. Cooley

The Way I Like Best
James Longenbach

The Potato Plants
Jodie Hollander

Something Forced
“As Are Right Fit”
The Wedgewood, the Watches
Benjamin S. Grossberg

Rough Plaster
Bernard O’Donoghue

Five Goldfinches
Three Sarcophagi
Karl Kirchwey

Storm Warning
Randy Blasing

How Much I Love You
Peter Balakian

Dear Millennium: Of Edible Flowers and the Unborn
Karen An-hwei Lee

I Was Waiting for You Outside the Post Office
Jessica Greenbaum

The Duchess of Malfi
Chaos Theory
Barry Goldensohn

Cassandra in San Francisco
Henry Sloss

Ernest Lawrence
John Canaday

Some Letters to Cabeza da Vaca
Kevin Honold

The Tablecloth
Giovanni Pascoli
Translated by Geoffrey Brock

Midwinter Letter
Geoffrey Brock

Nathaniel Hutner

D. and Dog
Lynne Potts


Fiction in Review
Nathan Englander
David Galef

Poetry in Review
Nine recent collections
Stephanie Burt

Music in Review
Modern composition
Timothy Young

Film in Review
The Cinematic Afterlife of James Baldwin
Ayten Tartici