Table of Contents

Volume 106

No. 3

June 2018

Bengali Baboo
Deborah Baker

In the Tank
Tom Sleigh

Unliving Hands
Lyric Distance in Owen’s “Anthem for Doomed Youth”

Adam Keller

Great Aunt Dorothea Mendelssohn
or, Foam on the Wave

Lily Tuck

Wrestling with Machado
Ilan Stavans


Plant of Contradictions
Tiphanie Yanique

Four Japanese Stories
Ryūnosuke Akutagawa
Translated by Ryan C. K. Choi

Eternal Return
Sergio Troncoso

Pretty Things (excerpt)
Virginie Despentes


Prospects from the Palisades
John Koethe

Wide Margin Love Poem
Susan Barba

The Way You Look Tonight
Peter Cameron

The Light in the Marsh Grass
Jeffrey Harrison

Echo Lake
Nicholas Friedman


Christina Pugh

Still Life, Mouth of the Vistula
Daniel Bourne

Unconscious Ode
Ann Keniston

His Shirt
John Skoyles

Laura Marris

Living Room
Arthur Vogelsang

Cold Heaven
Elisabeth Murawski

On Turning Ninety
Edmund Keeley

Mansplaining Oracle
Caki Wilkinson

To the Embalmers
The Completion of Shadows

G. C. Waldrep


Nonfiction in Review
Finding Proust’s Duchess
Hollie Harder

Fiction in Review
Rachel Kushner

Abigail Deutsch

Poetry in Review
Federico García Lorca

Lizabeth Paravisini-Gebert

Recordings in Review
The New York Philharmonic’s 175th anniversary

Dewey Faulkner

Film in Review
Springes to Catch Woodcocks

Paul Franz