Ellen Wilbur

Every breath you take is critical and every heartbeat in your chest is crucial. The state of all your organs is important, like a chorus where no voice can stand apart or overwhelm the rest or fail.

Hanne Ørstavik
Translated from the Norwegian by Martin Aitken

When I grow old, we’ll go away on the train. As far away as we can. We’ll look out through the windows, at fells and towns and lakes, and talk to people from foreign lands.

Dina Nayeri

Parvin and Suraya rented a small but comfortable Niagara Falls cottage kissing the American border, just as their older sister Goli had instructed. Their father, Baba Ardeshir, had managed only a Canadian visa, so he wouldn’t be able to cross over to see their homes

“You owe it to me, you know. You couldn’t possibly deny you owe me something.

            People were divided in their response to these words of Clara’s, because Marya had of course told the people she had expected …