Virginie Despentes

Translated FROM THE FRENCH by Emma Ramadan

Whatever you do, don’t be what you are.

Donald Hall

Was this what ordinary life would be like?

Joan Silber

“Nobody hates money,” my American father always said. An undeniable fact, all over the world, but he had a way of saying it that sounded smug. 

Terese Svoboda

The South was the place to fix people. You had a cough, you went south. Your heart was giving you problems? South. A twisted testicle? South. 

Kate Walbert

Had he noticed all this strangeness? she said, as she poured out the tea. Had he even noticed?

Ellen Wilbur

Just listen to me, please, no matter how I seem to skip through time and subject matter. I’ll talk about your past, specific memories you thought were yours alone.

Hanne Ørstavik

Translated from the Norwegian by Martin Aitken

She jots down some keywords on a sheet of paper: Identity, pride. Aesthetics. Information.

Dina Nayeri  

Over the years, the photo had become Amirzadeh family legend. They had all seen it once or twice, but despite attic searches and calls to Iran, no one could find a copy.

Mary Gordon

They had “bonded,” as they liked to say of themselves, using air quotes when they said it.