Notes for My Funeral

Alex Dimitrov


No one’s allowed to tell 
their sad story at my funeral.
No one’s allowed to tell
my sad story at my funeral.
There must be cocaine. 
Talk shit about all the people
I hated. I’ll still hate them
(probably even more when I’m dead).
Play Lou Reed’s “Perfect Day”
on repeat. Don’t cry.
Don’t be embarrassing. 
It’s not a good song 
to do drugs to so after
play Fleetwood and take 
a Xanax. Rent a room
overlooking Central Park
and get more drugs.
Invite strangers up. 
Don’t return desperate
texts from people who
hound you because 
they’re boring. 
Just think about me. 
Think of New York.
How the people who 
never liked me never
liked me because they
always assumed I was
having too much fun.
And you know what?
I was. I loved being alive.


Alex Dimitrov is the author of three books of poems, including Love and Other Poems, which will be published by Copper Canyon Press in February. He lives in New York.

Image: “Blizzard of 2015 in Central Park New York City” by Anthony Quintano. CC BY 2.0.