Unbudgably Yours

Samuel Hazo


Summering in Pennsylvania
  and wintering in Florida
  would give me two addresses.
I’ve long since settled for one
   and call it home.

                                           I shovel
   my way through driveway snow,
   unbox a hat I hate
   to wear and struggle into gloves
   I should have thrown away
   five years ago.

                                       I know
   that trees are slumbering in place,
   that grass stays hidden under lawns
   of snow, that roots and bulbs
   await a warmer reveille.
I let the chiller mornings
   help me reach the resurrection
   of a greener life when I can
   waken to enjoy the pleasure
   I deserve for earning April.

SAMUEL HAZO is author of many books of poems, as well as fiction, essays, and plays. He is founder and director of the International Poetry Forum in Pittsburgh and McAnulty Distinguished Professor of English Emeritus at Duquesne University. His next collection of poems is forthcoming early this year.