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Melissa Febos 

On ‘Wild America’ and the erotic

Lawrence Ferlinghetti 

All that poetic bullshit about setting out in search of My Mount Analogue + the door to the invisible visible … all nothing. Nothing but sick me + my body in this bare room.

Claire Bond Potter 

We can’t rely on Big Tech to reign over online speech.


Bhanu Kapil and Jonah Mixon-Webster

A dialogue on literary somatics.

Alexander Chee, Julia Cho, Susan Choi, and Cathy Park Hong

Four Korean American writers on jeong, language, and the elusiveness of home.

Sarah Shun-lien Bynum and Yiyun Li

Why literature’s best is usually deeply flawed.

Aleshea Harris and Douglas Kearney

A dialogue on presencing Blackness.

Namwali Serpell and Maria Tumarkin

Two writers on the ethics of pen and paper.


Jennifer Grotz


Because I didn’t want it to end, 
and because I was all alone again,
because in those seasons attention 
was my only form of prayer, 
I attended the summer rain. 

Iman Mersal, translated by Robyn Creswell


Where did he go?

Instead of house slippers, I stuffed my feet into your heavy shoes (and they really were yours).


Yiyun Li  

In possessing us, he granted us possessions: unexperienced desires and wonderments, unwarranted griefs and disillusions.

Julia Cho  

A one-person show, you in dialogue with yourself.

Aleshea Harris  

Aleshea Harris presents a new play and details the process that went into creating it.

Pandemic Files

Slavenka Drakulic 

Waking up after six days on a ventilator in Stockholm.


Benjamin Naddaff-Hafrey

Swapping bodies, swapping ages, and re-inventing youth.


Cathy Park Hong on the Major Weight of Minor Feelings

The poet and essayist discusses Asian American consciousness, the myth of meritocracy, and the shifting boundaries of whiteness.

TYR Redux

Arendt: An Arguable Elegy

Please, Richard, never speak of it –
don’t speak of it again.

Richard Howard
The Yale Review, June 2008.

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