1. Sometimes music is needed.

            2. Sometimes silence.

            3. A novel, like all written things, is a piece of music, the language demanding you make a sound as you read it.


Joan Silber

My high school girlfriend wanted me to marry her. Who gets married in high school?

            “My mother isn’t even married,” I said.


Rosanna Warren

The moon dragged her string-net bag of shadows through the boughs


A survey of ten recent, celebrated poetry books suggests that today’s poets have, in our unprecedented times, come upon an unprecedented discovery: each of us, it turns out, has a body. Actually, each of us has the body.


Edward Hopper, Office in a Small City, 1953

by Feisal G. Mohamed

A series of unfortunate events recently landed me in the checkout line of my local K-Mart, waiting an inordinately long time to purchase a single infant safety item.

Naomi Wise’s tombstone

from Harold Schechter’s Murderabilia

The oldest form of true crime literature is the one folklorists call “murder ballads,” a genre dating at least as far back as the Middle Ages, when these sung or recited verses spread the news about shocking real-life homicides among the illiterate peasantry.

This Just In

            In this essay I shall argue that the impact of translation upon poets and poetry in English has involved two main lines of reaction which might be characterized as “envy” and “identification.”

From “The Impact of Translation,” by Seamus Heaney, The Yale Review, Vol. 76, no. 1, Autumn 1986



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