Sunday with George

Elisabeth Murawski


They twirl and spin,
laughing, the almond trees
in blossom, her little one
humming a tune from Warsaw.

Both stop short
when the coughing starts,
Sand anxious as a new mother,
taking his measure.

She pours his chocolate.
Listens, enthralled,
while he tinkers,
sorcerer sounding the keys

for a storm, a cloud
on fire, a mist
in the willows dotting
the Mazovian plain.

Venus piercing the gray light
shrouding Paris,
Sand takes his hand,
holds his palm

against her cheek–
as if to think away
the grave, supply the one
safe harbor. Delacroix

will paint them
as a couple, the double
portrait fated to be cut
in two, hang apart.

ELISABETH MURAWSKI is author of Zorba’s Daughter, recipient of the May Swenson Poetry Award; Moon and Mercury; and two chapbooks. Her new collection, Heiress, recipient of the 2019 Poetry Society of Virginia award, was published by Texas Review Press. She lives in Alexandria, Virginia.

image: Eugène Delacroix, (modern reconstruction of unfinished and cut portrait of) George Sand and Frederic Chopin, 1838