Volumes 90-99 (2002-2011)

VOLUME XC NO. 1 (January 2002)
Alan Trachtenberg: Singing Hiawatha: Longfellow’s Hybrid Myth of America  1
Jerry L. Thompson: Truth and Photography  25
Duane Michals: The Terror of Nothing  54
Dick Davis: All My Soul Is There: Verse Translation and the Rhetoric of English Poetry  66

Mark Edmundson: Game Time  92
Eavan Boland: The Pinhole Camera  20
Eavan Boland: In Which Hester Bateman, 18th-Century English Silversmith, Takes an Irish Commission  22
Henri Cole: The Hare  24
Dolores Hayden: On the Hundred-Percent Corner  60
David Yezzi: Exit Pursued  62
Sue Kwock Kim: Looking at a Yi Dynasty Rice Bowl  64
Susan Lasher: The Walker  65
Emily Moore: Ghazal  84
Mark Jarman: Through the Waves  86
John Hollander: Columnar  88
Gerald Stern: You  91
Peter Sacks: Threshold  106
Peter Sacks: The Time it Takes  108
Mary Maxwell: Ten with Edwin Denby  110
James Tate: A Last Hayride  116
James Tate: Making the Best of the Holidays  117
James Longenbach: Skin  118
Georgina Kleege: The Body Writing Itself  119
George Lord: A Man of Singular Desert for the State to Make Use Of  135
Michael Malone: Fiction in Review: Allan Gurganus’s Latest  146
Helen Vendler: Poetry in Review: A.R. Ammons’s Last  157
Stephen Blier: Recordings in Review: Mike Richter’s Opera Recordings  176
VOLUME XC, NO. 2 (April 2002)

David Bromwich: Lincoln and Whitman As Representative Americans  1
Stanley Kauffmann: Edwin Booth: Mystery as Consolation  29
Jerome Bruner: The Legal and the Literary  42
Toscanini Speaks: Translation and Notes by Harvey Sachs  67
Glenn W. Most: After the Sublime: Stations in the Career of an Emotion  101
Donald Hall: Roast Duckling Pig  121
Richard Howard: The Masters on the Movies  22
Irving Feldman: Dance in the Dark  37
Ellen Bryant Voigt: Winter Field  39
John Allman: Love  40
Rosanna Warrren: Bonfires  61
Emily Fragos: The Harvest  63
Melissa Green: Matryoshka  65
Timothy Liu: Duck Hunting  66
Kay Ryan: Theft  94
Kay Ryan: Desert Reservoirs  95
David Sofield: Deaths Duell  96
Elisabeth Murawski: The Interview  98
David Bergman: An Insomniac’s Education  100
Edison Miyawaki: Nearer, My God, To Thee  140
Ramsay MacMullen: “Roman” History  154
T. M. McNally: Fiction in Review: Jonathan Franzen  161
Stephen Yenser: Poetry in Review: Charles Simic  171
Benjamin Ivry: Recordings in Review: Spoken Arts  182
Gilberto Perez: Film in Review: Song-And-Dance Artists  190
VOLUME XC, NO. 3 (July 2002)
Mario Vargas Llosa, Translated by Natasha Wimmer: Letter to a Young Novelist  1
Nicholas Jenkins: Either Or or And: An Enigmatic Moment in the History of “September 1, 1939”  22
Ben Downing: Psalmanazar The Amazing  46
George McKenna: “An Holy and Blessed People”: The Puritan Origins of American Patriotism
Yehuda Amichai, Translated by Barbara Harshav: A Poetry Reading  8
Adam Haslett: Devotion  103
Jean Ross Justice: The End of the Good Party  119

Alice Fulton: Horace: Book 3, Ode 27  40
Annie Finch: The Intellect of Woman  43
Dick Davis: A Se Stesso  44
Dick Davis: A Petrarchan Sonnet  45
Patricia Goedicke: Balloon  75
Aaron Fagan: Love  79
Dana Goodyear: Umbra  80
Tom Disch: Darkness at Night  99
Dick Allen: A Boy Called Vanish  101
Stanley Plumly: When He Fell Backwards into His Coffin  102
Charles O. Hartman: 23.VI.99  128
Andrew McCord: In Riverside Park  130
Jason Zuzga: Ten Things in the Jar  132
Howard R. Lamar: Affective History  133
John Morton Blum: An Imperial Presidency  137
John Taylor: Eugenio Montale’s Last Words  141
Thomas L. Jeffers: Lawrence’s Major Phase  148
Meghan O’Rourke: Fiction in Review: Ian McEwan & David Mitchell  159
Stephen Burt: Poetry in Review: Alexander, Hix, Leader, Skinner  170
Paul Gruber: Recordings in Review: Richard Rogers at 100  189
VOLUME XC, NO. 4 (October 2002)

Geoffrey Hartman: Testimony and Authenticity  1
Millicent Bell: James and the Sculptor  18
George de Forest Lord: Hostilities  56
William H. Pritchard: John Churton Collins: Forgotten Man of Letters  87
Elizabeth Denton: Mick Jagger’s Green-Eyed Daughter  112
Kit Reed: Missing Sam  124
Charles Wright: Homage to Mark Rothko  16
Karl Kirchwey: A Baroque Stair-Fountain in the Orto Botanico  48
John Hollander: Commemorative Stanzas  51
Mary Jo Salter: The Newspaper Room  54
David Wagoner: Sleepinig in a Ditch  76
Henry Hart: The Black Spark  78
Kevin J. Clarke: Atlantic City  80
Alexander Theroux: A Quaker on Nantucket Visits a Store in 1859  82
Cassandra Cleghorn: Four Weathercocks, Six Meanings  84
Lynne McMahon: Harrah’s  86
Alicia Ostriker: Upwind  106
John Kinsella: The Early Onset of Darkness  107
Susan Mitchell: Eclogue  108
Tony Sanders: Holy  110
Marie Borroff: Looking on Edna Bare  144
Michael Ravitch: Fiction in Review: Alice Munro  160
James Longenbach: Poetry in Review: Bernstein, Graham, Oppen, Voigt, C.D. Wright  171
Patrick J. Smith: Recordings in Review: French Opera  185
VOLUME XCI, NO. 1 (January 2003)
Andrew Burstein: The Formative Frontier: The Early Years of Andrew Jackson  1
Ethel Thurston: Remembering the Boulangerie  41
Stanley Kauffmann: Actors and Us  57
Randall Jarrell, edited and introduced by Stephen Burt: Letters to Peter and Eleanor Ross Taylor  69
Gerald Majer: Proxima Ra  78
Wallace Stegner: The Writer’s Audience  111
Deborah Eisenberg: Some Other, Better Otto  123
W.S. Merwin: To My Grandfathers  36
W.S. Merwin: To Lili’s Walk  37
Sandra McPherson: Pre-Op Room  38
Charles Simic: Something Large Is in the Woods  40
Mary Jo Salter: Another Session  63
Henry Sloss: In Spring  105
William Logan: The Dawn Chorus  106
William Logan: For A Fourteen-Year-Old Woman  107
Joanie Mackowski: Under The Shadow  108
Andrew McNeillie: Gray Wagtail  110
Michael Tyrell: Invisible Station  119
Sherod Santos: Smoke Tree  120
Sara Miller: Gone to the Devil  122
Lance Esplund: In the Realm of the Senses  156
Claire Messud: Fiction in Review: Rohinton Mistry  166
Richard Howard: Poetry in Review: Grace Schulman, George Bradley, W.S. Merwin  175
Dewey Faulkner: Recordings in Review: Gluck  183
VOLUME XCI, NO. 2 (April 2003)
John Morton Blum: Yale Students and Harvard Fellows, 1969-70  1
Elizabeth Bishop, Edited with a note by Langdon Hammer: Letters to Arthur Gold, Robert Fizdale, and James Merrill  27
Jerry L. Thompson: Thinking and Feeling: Three Photographs  55
Edison Miyawaki: The Complexity Complex  107
Sheila Kohler: Lunch with Mother  134
Richard Wilbur: Some Riddles from Symphosius  25
Debora Greger: Florida Apocrypha  52
Simon Armitage: The Strand  100
Carol Muske-Dukes: Ovation  102
Carol Muske-Dukes: The Illusion  104
David Baker: Hunger  106
Charles Simic: Party Fiend  127
Michael Miller: The Old Lovers  128
Brian Swann: Someone  129
Brian Swann: Somewhere  130
Eric Pankey: The Old Brickyard Quarry  131
Peggy O’Brien: Mourning Dove  132
Jeffrey Harrison: Fork  148
Kenneth Bleeth: The Tale New-Translated  150
Massimo Bacigalupo: Olga Rudge and Ezra Pound: “What Thou Lovest Well…”  158
Elaine Blair: Fiction in Review: Richard Powers  163
Stephen Yenser: Poetry in Review : Karen Volkman & Joanie Mackowski  173
Paul Gruber: Recordings in Review: Operetta  188
VOLUME XCI, NO. 3 (July 2003)
Mark Bauerlein: Why Grand Central?: On the Opening of the House of Mirth  1
Edmund Keeley: Studying with George Seferis  10
Terry Teachout: Ballet’s Big Fish  23
David Shields: Men and Games and Guns   39
Patrick McCaughey: New York Days  47
Paula Marantz Cohen: On the Death of Portraiture  62
N. Graham Nesmith: An Interview with Eric Bentley  73
Julie Orringer: The Isabel Fish  106
Joyce Carol Oates: Jorie (& Jamie)  131
Henri Cole: Fish and Watergrass  23
Rachel Hadas: In Media Res  24
Tom Sleigh: What Can Be Said  26
Irving Feldman: Happening  58
Susan Kinsolving: The White Eyelash  60
John Hennessy: Bachelorhood  61
David Lehman: In Freud’s House  100
Joseph Harrison: In the Protestant Cemetery in Rome  102
John Bensko: The Great Slide  104
Steve Orlen: Looking at Pictures: 1947  143
Mark Wunderlich: Soprano Authority  145
Julie Sheehan: Archaic Smile  147
Thomas L. Jeffers: The Hebrew Prophets, Then and Now  151
Neil Baldwin: His American Language  162
David Galef: Fiction in Review: Iain Pears  166
Robyn Creswell: Poetry in Review: Carl Phillips  173
Patrick Giles: Recordings in Review: Divas Endure  180
VOLUME XCI, NO. 4 (October 2003)
Thornton Wilder, introduction by A. Tappan Wilder: Joan of Arc: Treatment for Motion Pictures  1
Ralph Bates, introduction by Vincent Giroud: In Shining Naxos: Pages from a Diary  38
Alastair Fowler: C. S. Lewis: Supervisor  64
Siri Hustvedt: The Pleasures of Bewilderment  85
Georgina Kleege: A Good Place for Aliens  99
Steven Barthelme: Claire  112
Terese Svoboda: In Black and White  129
Marianne Moore: Five Poems  35
Marilyn Hacker: Canzone  61
Rachel Hadas: October Cats  81
Patrick Donnelly: Instant Coffee  82
A. E. Stallings: Fragment  83
Dorothea Tanning: Unfounded Certitudes  84
Andrew Feld: Crying Uncle  94
Scott Hightower: Cusp and Tether  97
Bryan Dietrich: The Invisible Man  109
Jeffrey Meyers: Fiction in Review: J. F. Powers  133
Stephen Yenser: Poetry in Review: Robert Lowell  161
Paul Gruber: Recordings in Review: Vernon Duke  176
Gilberto Perez: Film in Review: Abbas Kiarostami  185
VOLUME XCII, NO. 1 (January 2004)
Frank O’Hara, introduction by Olivier Brossard: The Houses at Falling Hanging
Russell Fraser: Pietro Cavallini and the Ruins of Rome
Roberto González Echevarria: Engendering Dulcinea
Stephen R. Platt: The Mandarin of Cambridge
Leonard Barkan: Time, Space, and Burgundy
Jean McGarry: The Wedding Gowns
Chase Twichell: The Paper River
Chase Twichell: Marijuana
Chase Twichell: Topiary Rooster
Chase Twichell: Auld Lang Syne
Alan Williamson: Moving Back to Charlottesville
Karen Swenson: Thanksgiving
Valerie Wohlfeld: The Christs of Ward Seven
Robert Hahn: Desdemona Revived
Stephen Sandy: On Looking into Lattimore’s Homer
Pimone Triplett:  Guide
Robyn Creswell: Foreign Correspondent
Rachel Wetzsteon:  Manhattan Triptych
Elisabeth Frost:  Dogs
Justin Quinn: Fury
John Taylor: The Solitude of a Master Empathizer
Mark Oppenheimer: Fiction in Review: Bernard Malamud
Craig Arnold: Poetry in Review: Tony Hoagland, Olena Kalytia Davis, and Autopoetic Vanity
Vincent Giroud: Recordings in Review: Jules Massenet
VOLUME XCII, NO. 2 (April 2004)
Paul West: The Prisoner of War
Theresa Everline:  Letter from Cairo
William Deresiewicz: Letter from India
Dorothea Straus: Townhouse Trilogy: Loaf or Hot-Water Bottle
Lydia Davis: Closely Translating Proust
James Richardson: Vectors 2.0: More Aphorisms and Ten-Second Essays
Willard Spiegelman: Bodies Swayed to Music: An English Teacher Steps Out
Mark Wisniewski: Behind the Suits I Wear to Work
Richard Howard: Ardent: An Arguable Elegy
Eamon Grennan: Buildings, Birds, Leaves
Joan Swift: Rainy May in the Valley
Sydney Lea: The Visit
Sydney Lea: Reverie with a Line from Goethe
Philip Schultz: Cars
Anthony Lacavaro: One Part of the Tradition of Locomotion in Country Music
Stephen Burt:  Against Fertility
Barry Goldensohn: Fresh Air
Randy Blasing: Blood to the Head
Elisabeth Murawski: Virus
Daniel Groves: Good-Bye
Jeffrey Meyers: Visions of Reality
Edison Miyawaki: Memory Room
Kenneth Gross: The Stage Life of Props
Michael Ravitch: Fiction in Review: William Gaddis
Kay Ryan: Poetry in Review: Marianne Moor
Benjamin Ivry: Recordings in Review: Charles Ives
VOLUME XCII, NO. 3 (July 2004)
Anthony Hecht: Keats’s Appetite
Seth Lerer: Children’s Literature and the Art of Forgetting
Peter S. Hawkins: Tough Love: Dante Among the Sodomites
Paula Marantz Cohen: The Figure Not in the Carpet: Bernard Berenson and Henry James’s Rejection of the Modern in The Outcry
Stephen Yenser: Inkles, Shreds, and Scales
Elizabeth Denton: The Birthday Party
Ellen Wilbur: The Doctor
The Gawain-Poet, translated by Marie Borroff: Noah’s Flood
Stephane Mallarmé, translated by Richard Howard: A Faun’s Afternoon
Charles Tomlinson: Two Poems: “The Admirals” and “A Tree of Serpents”
Kay Ryan: Weak Forces
Philip Levine:  The Great Truth
Turner Cassity: Conspiracies
Annie Finch: The Magician Card
Daniel Anderson: Returning Home Late Sunday Night
Anna George Meek: The Implications of War
Jason Whitmarsh: Tomorrow’s Living Room
Elena Karina Byrne: Moon Mask
Nadia Herman Colburn: (Our Word)
Deborah Warren: Gibbon Motion
Barbara Hamby: Ode to W. E. Diemer
Barbara Hamby: The Inventor of Bubblegum
Nicholas Howe: Wide Awake with Anxiety
Robyn Creswell: Fiction in Review: Shirley Hazzard
Nigel Alderman: Poetry in Review: Philip Larkin
Patrick J. Smith: Recordings in Review: Opera in the Vernacular
Patrick Giles: Film in Review: Angels in America
VOLUME XCII, NO. 4 (October 2004)
Umberto Eco: On Some Functions of Literature
Ned Rorem: Occasions and Entries: Pages for the Public, Pages from a Diary
James Schuyler, Edited with a note by William Corbett: Letters to John Ashbery, 1958
Jean McGarry: A Prose Writer Looks at Poets
James Trilling: Innovation in the Visual Arts
Patrick Ryan: Getting Heavy with Fate
Gary Snyder: Three Poems of Three Shrines
Irving Feldman: Poem with Refrain
Irving Feldman: Don’t You Admire Me?
Vicki Hearne: Every Time the Mountains
Vicki Hearne: A World of Differences
Robert Bly: The Dark Autumn Nights
Robert Bly:  Tree of Mirrors
Michael Spence: My Mother’s Last Christmas Card, Unsent
Katharine Whitcomb: Vox
Dolsy Smith: The Dead
Tom Healy: Umbrella
Juliet Mattila: The Prop
John Morton Blum: History Starts Today
Georgina Kleege: A Radical World View
David Galef: Fiction in Review: Jim Crace
Willard Spiegelman: Poetry in Review: Donald Justice
Willard Spiegelman: Recordings in Review: Sir Thomas Beecham
VOLUME XCIII, NO. 1 (January 2005)
Marilyn Booth: Activism Through Literature: Arguing Women’s Rights in the Middle East
Lucretia Stewart: A Greek Death
Justin Quinn: Letter from Czechia
Gerald Majer: Intuitive Research Beings
Tim Kendall: Fighting Back Over the Same Ground: Ted Hughes and War
Benjamin Anastas: Versace Enthroned with Saints: Margaret, Jerome, Alex, and the Angel Donatella
Jean Ross Justice: The Dark Forces
Anthony Hecht: Menassah Ben Israel
Sandra McPherson: Flight Risk
Sandra McPherson: Virtue Study: Samma Vaca
A. F. Moritz: The First, Second, Third, and Fourth
Stephen Cushman: Behind Closed Doors
Nick Bozani: Eddy
Nick Bozani: Cecily Parks
Nick Bozani: Trove
Dana Goodyear: Raised by Aliens
Keith Althaus: February
David Semanki: Italian Movie
Gerard Malanga: Epic Time
Carl Phillips: Bow Down
Rick Barot: In Waiting
Rick Barot: Sophie Cabot Black
Rick Barot: Fin Amor
Peter Cameron: Fiction in Review: Millen Brand, Will Heinrich
Brian Henry:  Poetry in Review: John Kinsella
Timothy Young: Recordings in Review: Patty Griffin, Claire Martin
Ben Sonnenberg: Film in Review: The Rules of the Game
VOLUME XCIII, NO. 2 (April 2005)
Norma Tilden: Walter Anderson: Zographos
David Bromwich: American Sonnets
Amy Clampitt, Introduction by Willard Spiegelman: The Making of a Literary Life: Selected Letters of Amy Clampitt
Wyatt Prunty:  High Stakes
Theodore Leinwand: Virginia Woolf Reads the Great William
John Crowley: Little Yeses, Little Nos
Fiona Maazel: Inquire Today, Apply Within
Rachel Hadas: The Verge
Sherod Santos:  Girl Falling Asleep in the Museum Gardens
Jacqueline Osherow: Poem for Jenny
John Kinsella: Ash
John Kinsella: Death Sentence in Ohio
Jeffrey Skinner:  My Dates
Lizzie Hutton:  Dear One
C. Dale Young: The Tunnel
Bryan Dietrich:  It Came from Outer Space
David Huddle: No End
David Galef: Fiction in Review: Colm Tobin
Henry Sloss: Poetry in Review: Richard Howard
Henry Sloss: Recordings in Review: Classical Recording
VOLUME XCIII, NO. 3 (July 2005)
Maya Jasanoff: Chameleon Capital: The Allure of Lucknow
Siri Hustvedt: Goya’s Bodies: The Living, the Dead, and the Ghostly
Curtis Harnack: A Literary Weekend
Martin Greenberg: Odette’s Beauty
Rebecca Solnit: The Blue of Distance
John Taylor: The Pilgrimage to St.-Florent-Le-Vieil
Robert Boyers: Secrets and Sons
Gwen Head: The Story about Lefty
John Hollander: Fifty Years Ago
John Hollander: Getting It Right
James Longenbach: Yard Work
Lisa Russ Spaar: Souvenir
David Livewell: Sheet Metal Shears
William Logan: Amsterdam
Jordan Smith: Stratas’ Violetta
Mary Leader: Tallis with Stripes from the Book of Judges
George Bradley: Life and Death Matters
Henry Sloss:  Postcard from Bali Hai
Brian Swann: The Shield of Achilles
Seth Lerer: Containing Multitudes
Jeffrey L. Sammons: Kafka for Everyone
J. S. Marcus: Fiction in Review: Alan Hollinghurst
Michael Thurston:  Poetry in Review: Derek Walcott
Patrick Giles: Recordings in Review: Sacred Harp
VOLUME XCIII, NO. 4 (October 2005)
Robert A. Gross: Quiet War with the State: Henry David Thoreau and Civil Disobedience
Elizabeth Bishop, Introduced by Kamran Javadizadeh: “An Audience May Be Found”: Letters to T. C. Wilson
Russell Fraser: Looking for Tamburlaine
Edison Miyawaki: A Perfect Madness
Edward Hoagland: The Devil’s Tub
Greg Williamson: Time
Greg Williamson: Space
Daniel Hall:  Driving to Los Angeles
Debora Greger: The Killer Whale of Christmas
Stephen Sandy: Little Night Music
Madeline DeFrees: Broken Sleep
Jennifer Clarvoe: Bruise
Don Share: Sweet Water, Best Bread
Thomas Bolt: Light Emitting Diode
Joshua Weiner: Weegee: Coney Island Beach After Midnight
Frannie Lindsay: Hatchling
Robert Wrigley: Apology
Jeffrey Meyers: Splinters of Mortality
Jay Martin: The Last Titan
Amy Bloom: Fiction in Review: Graphic Novels
Stephen Yenser: Poetry in Review: W. S. Merwin
Patrick J. Smith: Recordings in Review: Jean Sibelius
VOLUME XCIV, NO. 1 (January 2006)
Wayne A. Meeks: Literalism, Common Sense, and the Price of Dogs          
Moliere, Translated and introduced by Richard Wilbur: From Lovers’ Quarrels
Donald Keene: The Meeting of East and West
Glenn W. Most: Urban Blues: Detective Fiction and the Metropolitan Sublime
Kenneth Gross: Love Translated The Little Players
Paula Marantz Cohen: Henry James, Master of Suspense
Louis Auchincloss: Pa’s Darling
Joe Ashby Porter: Merrymount
Marilyn Hacker: Glose
W. S. Merwin: Secrets
W. S. Merwin: The Swallows
W. S. Merwin: Laments for a Stone
Eamon Grennan: Riff of Space and Skin
D. Nurkse: Testimony of the Apprentice Scribe
Don Bogen: A Citizen
Steve Gehrke: The Raft of the Medusa
Deborah Cummins: From a Third-Floor Window in Bogliasco
Jeffrey Harrison: The Names of Things
Maurice Manning: Red Sky at Morning
Maurice Manning: The Small Lord’s Ledger Book
Daisy Fried:  Three Times Only
Chris Wallace-Crabbe: Blue Genes
Dorothea Tanning: A Note from the Rock
Matthew Gurewitsch: On First Looking into Taruskin’s History
Eric Weinberger: Fiction in Review: William Trevor
Stephen Burt: Poetry in Review: Five Poets and Others
Dewey Faulkner: Recordings in Review: French Opera on DVD
VOLUME XCIV, NO. 2 (April 2006)
Alan Trachtenberg: Whitman at Night
Alan Trachtenberg: “The Sleepers” in 1855
Thornton Wilder, With an introduction and notes by A. Tappan Wilder: Seven Dreams
Romulus Linney: Over Martinis, in Bed, Driving Somewhere
Paul Morand, Translated and introduced by Vincent Giroud : On Proust and Chanel
Bert Cardullo:  Theater into Film: Notes on One Scene and Two Adaptations
Dorothea Straus: Medical Manners
Benjamin DeMott: The Taper’s Tale
J. S. Marcus:  Back
Melanie Fallon: One, Whispering Pines
David Yezzi: Eavan Boland: How the Dance Came to the City
David Yezzi: Azores
Stephen Dunn:  The Unrecorded Conversation
Barry Goldensohn: She, Tiresias
John Talbot: E.S.L.
John Talbot: The Song-Book of Justus and Merci
John Talbot: Eight Horatian Odes for the Fourth of July
David Wagoner: The Eve of the Festival of Venus
Michael Schiavo: Crossing the Bar
Judith Baumel: You Take an Onion
Eric Pankey:  The Thousand Thistle Seeds
Craig Arnold:  Hymn to Persephone
Carolyn Creedon: Woman, Mined
Mary Jo Bang: Don’t
Dana Goodyear:
Fiction in Review: Bruce Wagner
Willard Spiegelman: Poetry in Review: Ammons and Ashbery
Lloyd Schwartz: Recordings in Review: Peter Sellars on DVD
VOLUME XCIV, NO. 3 (July 2006)
Fritz Stern: Family Physicians: My German Past
Michael D. Bess: Deep Evil and Deep Good: The Concept of Human Nature Confronts the Holocaust
Elizabeth Bishop, Introduction by Barbara Page: A New Capital, Aldous Huxley, and Some Indians
Lukas Foss: About the Creative Process
Haruki Murakami, Translated by Philip Gabriel: The Mirror
Paul West: Toast
Peter Cameron: The Abridged Versions
Rachel Hadas: No Good Deed
Karl Kirchwey: A Sonata of Biber’s
Karl Kirchwey: A Pressed Rose, Being My Father’s Gift to My Mother on the Day I Was Born
Frannie Lindsay: God
Robert B. Shaw: Wild Turkeys
Caroline Knox: Dress Pattern with an Interior
Richard Kenney:  Ephemeris
Deborah Warren: The Linz Symphony
Jim Daniels: Firing the Late Person
David Mason: Two Poems
James McCourt: Fiction in Review: Truman Capote
Peter Campion:  Poetry in Review: Koethe, McMichaels, Glück
Vincent Giroud: Recordings in Review: Jean-Philippe Rameau
VOLUME XCIV, NO. 4 (October 2006)
Herbert Marder: Factory Music
Elisabeth Ladenson: Emma Bovary Goes to Hollywood
Peter Cole: Real Gazelles in Imaginary Gardens: Art, Scholarship, and the Translation of Hebrew Poems from Muslim Spain
Judith Hall: Intimacy, Difficulty, and Dickinson
Ben Miller: A Tale of Two Questions
Joyce Carol Oates: A Princeton Idyll
Henri Cole: Loons
Henri Cole: Shaving
Deborah Garrison: The Past Is Still There
Deborah Garrison: Unbidden Sonnet with Evergreen
Terese Svoboda: Slave Children
Rachel Wetzsteon: Freely from Wyatt
Robin Magowan:  Zagoriana
Peter Dale Scott: Good-Bye to Thailand
James Longenbach: A Different Route
Galway Kinnell: Pure Balance
David Havird: Smoking in Bed
D. H. Tracy: AWOL
Tom Sleigh: Song Beyond Reason
Tom Sleigh: Discipline
Robert F. Moss: Winner and Still Champion
Edison Miyawaki: A Fallible Index of Science
Patrick Ryan: Fiction in Review: Mack Friedman, Tennessee Jones, Eric Karl Anderson
Patrick Ryan: Poetry in Review: Elizabeth Bishop’s Uncollected Work
Timothy Young: Recordings in Review: Cocteau Twins
VOLUME XCVI, NO. 1 (January 2007)
Anthony Hecht: Alexander Pope
Louis Auchincloss: Naïveté in the Heroes and Heroines of Henry James’s Major Phase
Paula Marantz Cohen: The Elusive Aesthetics of Vernon Lee
Vivian Gornick: From “Siberia” to Siberia
Robert Crawford: Maes Howe Sappho
Martin Greenberg: Concerning Hannah Arendt
Gerald Majer: “Naked Specks of Living Matter”: H. C. Bastian and the Origins of Me
Jean Ross: Justice Bryan Dead
Kay Ryan: Camera Obscura
Kay Ryan: Galápago
William Logan: Spring in the Preliminaries
Valerie Wohlfeld: Weaving Your Absence
David Baker: Resurrection Man
Bradford Gray: Telford Peter
Amy Scattergood: Factors at Work in the Mind of an Opium Eater
Timothy Liu: Consequential
Meghan O’Rourke: Thermopylae
Robert Wrigley: What Is Yellow About the Yellow Pine?
John Hennessy:  Icon
Reginald Shepherd: What It Is to Burn
Rafael Campo:  Two Sonnet
Jeffrey Meyers: Domestick Privacies
John Taylor:  Exalting What Is
Thomas Meaney:  Fiction in Review: Amis & Updike
Stephen Burt: Poetry in Review: Peterson, Clover, Meier, & Hayes
Steven Blier: Recordings in Review: Mozart Opera
Lorrie Moore: Theater in Review: Sweeney Todd
VOLUME XCVI, NO. 2 (April 2007)
Hermione Lee: The Republic of Letters: Edith Wharton at the Start of Her Career
Pierre Corneille, Translated and introduced by Richard Wilbur: From The Theatre of Illusion
Nicholas Jenkins:   “Running on the Waves”: Pollock, Lowell, Bishop, and the American Ocean
Chris Walsh: Cowardice
William Wenthe: The World Is Too Much with Us
Sheila Kohler: Chou D’Amour
Charles Wright: Spring, I
Charles Wright: Spring, II
Debora Greger:  The Muse at the Door
Sydney Lea: Six Lies About Nature, Ending with a Soul-Tune Line
Brian Swann: Thought
John Kinsella: Canto of the Litmus Test
David Wagoner: Man Overboard
Philip Schultz: Talking to Ourselves
Lorrie Goldensohn: The Innocent
Aaron Fagan: With Someone Else’s Telephone
Marianne Boruch: What God Knew
David Galef:  Fiction in Review: Liz Jensen
Stephen Yenser: Poetry in Review: Clover, Koethe, Seidel
Dewey Faulkner: Recordings in Review: Song Recitals
VOLUME XCV, NO. 3 (July 2007)
Jerry L. Thompson: Lincoln Kirstein at Eighty
Anne Herrmann: Heimweh, or Homesickness
Alastair Fowler: Anagrams
B. H. Fairchild: Motion and Stasis in the Poetry of Anthony Hecht
Dennis B. Klein: Freud’s Little Secret: Birthday Musings on “The Master” at 150
Edmund White: A Good Sport
Ellen Wilbur: Evelyn
John Hollander: Yet Even These
Irving Feldman
Julie Agoos: Reading the Great War
Jason Koo: After Chicago
Bruce Smith: Syracuse En Rose
Rose Styron: Lilacs Again
Bruce Bond: Body and Soul
Paula Bohince: Photographing the Moths
Craig Morgan Teicher: Voice
Bryan Dietrich: Raised in the Blood
Christopher Matthews: Idols
Robin Magowan: On a Pinpoint of Scarlet in Dvorak
Edison Miyawaki: Gut Lesson
Lorrie Goldensohn: Fiction in Review: Bryher
John Talbot: Poetry in Review: Stallings, Johnson, Chiasson, Yenser, & Hadas
Vincent Giroud: Recordings in Review: Gounod Opera
VOLUME XCV, NO. 4 (October 2007)
Victor Brombert: Aschenbach and the Lure of the Abyss
Charles O. Hartman: Contrafactum: Career of a Tune
Daniel Liebert: Brevities
Richard Locke: Details in Nabokov, Barthelme, and Proust
Mary Maxwel: Edwin Denby’s New York School
Paul West: Flotations of a Pisces
Mitch Wieland: Solstice
Mark Probst: Daytrip
Rachel Hadas: Masque in Green and Black
Joseph Harrison: To an Aldabran Tortoise, Dead at 250
Jeredith Merrin: Surfing the Pororoca
Vona Groarke: Horses
C. Dale Young: Recitativo
Morri Creech: Elegy for a Small Town Psychic
Dolores Hayden: Things Not of This World
Haines Eason: The Production of Honest Women and Men
Scott Dalgarno: Jesus Turns up in Van Nuys, but His Number Is Still Unlisted
Dora Malech: The Kisser
David Mason: Descant
Joe Osterhaus: The Rose Farm
Marit MacArthur: Talking Points
Amy Hungerford: Fiction in Review: Edward P. Jones
Peter Campion: Poetry in Review: Robert Pinsky
James McCourt: Theater in Review: Hedda Gabler
VOLUME XCVI, NO. 1 (January 2008)
John Burrow: Herodotus: The Great Invasion and the Historian’s Task
Russell Fraser: Edgar Bowers: His Little Book and All the Rest
Wallace Stevens, Edited and Introduced by Siobhan Phillips: “Taking Care of the Future”: Business Letters
Rick Barot: Rauschenberg’s Bed
Robert Hahn: Tintoretto: The Alter Ego of Venice
Bert Cardullo: The Difficult B.B.: A Rethinking
Jonathan Tel: Bola de la Fortuna
W. S. Merwin: White Note
W. S. Merwin: Nocturne I
W. S. Merwin: Nocturne II
W. S. Merwin: The Making of Amber
Deborah Warren: The Coronation of Clovis (Tournai, 481)
A. F. Moritz: Water Cut off and Stilled
David Bottoms: A Swipe of Slick’s Hook
Michael Spence: Broken Sonnet: Divorce
H. L. Hix: If the Tatooed Woman Just Ahead of Me …
H. L. Hix: If Even Under the Pine Whose Roots …
Kimberly Johnson: Ode on My Belly Button
Alastair Fowler: Enigmas of Enigma
Erik Linstrum: The Critic in Exile: Rediscovering Erich Auerbach
Andrew Elfenbein: Fiction in Review: Michael Chabon
David Yezzi: Poetry in Review: Disch, Cassity, Wetzsteon
Dewey Faulkner: Recordings in Review: Robert Craft
Reese Thompson: Music in Review: The Tristan Project
VOLUME XCVI, NO. 2 (April 2008)
Jeffrey Meyers: Miller’s Tragic Muse
Peter Demetz: Days of 1939 and 1941
Paula Fox: Frieda in Taos
Rachel Hadas: Backups
Mark Mazullo: The Ethics of Expression: Shostakovich’s Preludes and Fugues in Performance
Tess Wheelwright: An American Story; Or, What Unfortunately Happened
Louise Glück: Walking at Night
Louise Glück: Burning Leaves
Louise Glück: Harvest
Louise Glück: Sunrise
Translated by Amen Grover: The Seafarer
Asclepiades, Translated by Edmund Keeley: Two Epigrams, Lovers’ Tears
Franz Werfel, Translated by Martin Greenberg: The Fat Man in the Mirror
David Wagoner: Listening
David Wagoner: The Day I Believed in God
David Wagoner: Trying to Write a Poem While the Couple in the Apartment Overhead Make Carl Phillips: Love
Carl Phillips: The Plains of Troy
Carl Phillips: The Raft
Richard Kenney: Scenes
Richard Kenney: Rewrite
Margaret Gibson: Global Warming
Robin Magowan: Sleet in the Garden
Emily Moore: Tennessee Homesick Blues
Dewey Faulkner: Canonical, Contemporary, Classic
Margaret Spillane: Fiction in Review: Roddy Doyle
John Taylor: Poetry in Review: Contemporary Italian Poets
Timothy Young: Recordings in Review: Tribute Albums
Bert Cardullo: Film in Review: The Ghost of Films Past
VOLUME XCVI, NO. 3 (July 2008)
Geoffrey Lindsay: Anthony Hecht, Private First Class
Joseph W. Polisi: The Arts in a Great Society: William Schuman and John D. Rockefeller 3rd at Lincoln Center
Bonnie Costello: Outside In and Upside Down: The Art of Abelardo Morell
Christopher Benfey: Stopping by Paul de Man: A Dream Essay
Harold O. Levy: The Great Truancy Cover-Up
Luther Magnussen: Work and Industry in the Northern Midwest
Sabina Murray: Translation
John Koethe: Home
W. D. Snodgrass: Albert Speer Former Armaments Minister
Chase Twichell: Forensic Interludes
Chase Twichell: Sideshows
Chase Twichell: War Porn
James Galvin: Orbit Obit
James Galvin: Still and All
Adam L. Dressler: Division
Adam L. Dressler: In My Fridge
Mary Leader: Dire Prophecy in Her Childhood Sealed
Jeff Dolven: Morning Czar and Evening Tsar
Stephen Burt: Fictitious Girl Raised by Cats
Deirdre Lockwood: Melodrama
Molly McQuade: Wanting to be a Bodhisattva
Stephen Cushman: Missionary Position
Stephen Cushman: Ways People Wake
Sally Ball: Love Poem in December
R. Clifton Spargo: Fiction in Review Edmund White
Stephen Yenser: Poetry in Review: How to Fly a Kite: Elizabeth Bishop’s Collected Poems Prose and Letters
Paul Gruber: Music in Review: Opera Singers Lost, 2006-7
VOLUME XCVI, NO. 4 (October 2008)
Roberto Gonzáles Echevarría: Fiesta Time in Old Havana: Three Pictures of a Nineteenth-Century Afro-Cuban Ritual
Arthur Kirsch: “Our Grief is Not Greek”: Auden’s Poems on War
Lorrie Goldensohn: Watching Fred
Paul West: Tutors
Elizabeth Powers: Patrimony and Its Discontents: Phillis Wheatley and “Die Weltliteratur”
George Bradley: An East Egg Update
Lily Tuck: My Flame
Rosanna Warren: At the Lake
Rosanna Warren: Notes
Mairi MacInnes: Antigone at Colonus
Mairi MacInnes: The Shock
Julie Sheehan: Field Manual for Counterinsurgency at Paul’s Lounge
William Logan: The Back of a Girl in Florence
William Logan: Winter of Falling Temperature
James Longenbach: The Walker
James Longenbach: Sydney Lea
James Longenbach: The Island
Emily Fragos: Little Mercutios
Greg Wrenn: Promiscuity
Massimo Bacigalupo: Letter from Italy
Paul Grimstad: Stevensiana
David Galef: Fiction in Review: Jasper Fforde
David Yezzi: Poetry in Review: Greg Williamson, Henri Cole
Dewey Faulkner: Music in Review: The Great Dictator
VOLUME XCVII, NO. 1 (January 2009)
Allan Gurganus: The Lessons of Likeness: Being a True History of Thomas Eakins’s Portrait of Walt Whitman
Pierre Corneille, Translated and introduced by Richard Wilbur: From Le Cid
George Martin: Some Overlooked Operatic History: Touring in the United States in the Nineteenth Century
Claude Rawson: I Could Eat You Up: The Life and Adventures of a Metaphor
Laura Furman: The Eye
Mary Jo Salter: Constellations
Craig Arnold: Cedar Waxwings
Jeffrey Harrison: Encounter with John Malkovich
Sherod Santos: Film Noir
Scott Dalgarno: TMI
Scott Dalgarno: McGuffin
Randy Blasing: Turkish Night
C. J. Driver: The Writing on the Wall
C. J. Driver: Vergelegen
Dorothea Tanning: Talk
Joseph Fasano: Schumann to Clara – Bonn, 1854
Joseph Fasano: The Joy which Tends Toward Unbecoming
Barbara J. Orton: The Ascension
D. Nurkse: Hotel Arcturus
Frannie Lindsay: Old Man Swimming
Siobhan Phillips: Robbins in New York
Amy Hungerford: Fiction in Review: Denis Johnson
Wes Davis: Poetry in Review: Ciaran Carson
Gary Schmidgall: Recordings in Review: Offenbach
Bert Cardullo: Film in Review: Dostoyevskyan Surges, Bressonian Spirits
VOLUME XCVII, NO. 2 (April 2009)
Leslie Brisman: “What Took You So Long?”
Texts by Jed Perl: About Borromini: Intaglio Prints and Linocuts by Deborah Rosenthal
Arthur Kirsch: Poetry Without a Capital P: Auden’s “American” Style
George Martin: Some Overlooked Operatic History: The Business of Opera in Twentieth-Century America
Russell Banks: Transplant
Kate Walbert: Conversation
Jonathan Levi: Pre-emption
Brigit Pegeen Kelly: Geisblatt
Brigit Pegeen Kelly: A Curious Cologne
Wyatt Prunty: Stray
Dana Goodyear: Kit for Civilization
Dana Goodyear: Honeymoon
Dana Goodyear: Peter
Ernest Hilbert: Ashore
Tessa Kale: The Second
Jordan Smith: Herbal
Valerie Wohlfeld: Envy
Mark Jarman: Ending with a Line by Curtis Mayfield
Brian Swann: The Heroic
Esther Schor: Zion
Joan Swift: E
Robert Bagg: Ostrakoi
Jeffrey Meyers: Mark of the Beast: Letters of Greene and Hughes
Siobhan Phillips: Fiction in Review: Merit and Mystery: Marilynne Robinson
Daniel Hall: Poetry in Review: Richard Kenney
Vincent Giroud: Recordings in Review: Live Opera Performances
VOLUME XCVII, NO. 3 (July 2009)
Alastair Fowler: Kingsley and Kinsley at Swansea
Rolena Adorno: Censorship and Its Seasons: Madrid, 1615
Russell Fraser: Bunk Johnson’s Faraway Blues
Paula Marantz Cohen: How My Mother Fashioned a Beautiful Life
Victor Brombert: J. M. Coetzee and the Scandal of Death
Jean McGarry: Transference
Amity Gaige: Belinda
Alan Williamson: San Francisco Grand Ball (Airport Marriott)
Debora Greger: To a Book in a Window
Eric Pankey: Waking Hungover in a Field, 1979
Arthur Vogelsang: Alas, the News
Turner Cassity: Grim, Grimmer, Grimmest
Turner Cassity: Ex-Tarzan Dies at Age 100
Robert Wrigley: Sisyphus Bee
Timothy Liu: The Decision
Richard Kenney: Chiaroscuro
Richard Kenney: Pilgrim in San Giorgio
Tom Healy: The View from Here
Austin Segrest: Barrel Roll
Stefanie Wortman: Twelve Bar Blues
Karen Weisman: The Haunting of Michael Chabon
James Guida: Why Be Good?: The Adventures of Pinocchio
Alice Mattison: Fiction in Review: Short Story Collections
Stephen Yenser: Poetry in Review: Frank Bidart’s Rituals
Dewey Faulkner: Recordings in Review: Jean-Baptiste Lully Operas
Bert Cardullo: Film in Review: Out of Asia: Or, How We Shot the War
VOLUME XCVII, NO. 4 (October 2009)
Barbara A. Mowatt: The Founders and the Bard
Siri Hustvedt: The Drama of Perception: Looking at Morandi
Langdon Hammer: Lost at Sea: Jasper Johns with Hart Crane
Pierre-Albert Jourdan, Translated and Introduced by John Taylor: From The Straw Sandals: Notes, 1980
David Quint: Montaigne and the Suicide Bombers: A discussion of “De la Vertu”
Robert Boyers: Imagining Influence
Nancy Reisman: Custodians
David Philip Mullins: This Life or the Next
Dorothea Tanning: Zero
Rachel Hadas: On the Ferry
Anne Frydman: Night Ferry to Finland
Tony Sanders: Watercourse
John Kinsella: The Dream of
Ben Downing: Gimlets
Jeremy Axelrod: The Furnace
Jeredith Merrin: Late Harvest
Don Bogen: Sick Song
Barry Goldensohn: Leaving the Body
Gregg Wrenn: Self-Portrait as Robert Mapplethorpe
Marc Robinson: Thornton Wilder’s Letters: Openhearted and Close-Lipped
Jeffrey Meyers: Fighting On
David Galef: Fiction in Review: Jayne Anne Phillips
Craig Morgan Teicher: Poetry in Review: Linda Gregg, Susan Wheeler
Timothy Young: Recordings in Review: The Durutti Column and Others
VOLUME XCVIII, NO. 1 (January 2010)
Gordon Rogoff: Ibsen’s Black Poodle
A. N. Wilson: A Portrait of Decay: Britain in the Postwar Years
W. S. Di Piero: On Edvard Munch
Arthur Kirsch: Auden and Shakespeare
Vincent Giroud: Crises and Renewal in Twentieth-Century: French Opera
C. J. Driver: As Guided by Palinurus: (A Way You’ll Never Be): Memoiries of Cyril Connolly
Amy Bloom: Permafrost
Sandra McPherson: Far Away in Time, The Senses Return to Me As
Sandra McPherson: I Identify With That Tree
Sandra McPherson: Personal Estates
Sandra McPherson: Dodder and True Rhymes
William Logan: My Father in the Shadows
William Logan: The Adandoned Crow
Joanie Mackowski: Out the Window, Winter, Before Daybreak, Ohio
Karl Kirchwey: In the Garden
Marianne Boruch: In the Crosshairs of Mystery, They
Eamon Grennan: God Bless
Elise Partridge: Vengerov’s Violin
Henry Sloss: Millennial Male
Caki Wilkinson: Storm and Stress
Roald Hoffman: Just When We Are Safest
Mary Leader: Bit From Possible Origin of Punch and Judy Show
Talvikki Ansel: Apples
Patrick McCaughey: An Antique Scandal
Amy Hungerford: Fiction in Review: Colson Whitehead
Willard Spiegelman: Poetry in Review: Louise Glück
Bert Cardullo: Film in Review: Some Like it Hot
VOLUME XCVIII, NO. 2 (April 2010)
Bruce Fleming: Bridging the Military-Civilian Divide
Yves Bonnefoy, Translated by Hoyt Rogers: Three Recollections of Borges
Norman Austin: Homeric Nostalgia
Paul H. Fry: Honorable Toil?: Coleridge and Wordsworth in Retirement
Bonnie Costello: Morandi, With and Without Words
Jefferson Hunter: Sappho, Catullus, Vera Lynn, Pink Floyd, and Tom Stoppard
Peter Cameron: Hearsay
Jean Ross Justice: Joy and Suffering
Anthony Hecht: Triolets
Nate Klug: End of Autumn
Nate Klug: Empty Ice Rink
Steve Kronen: Giraffe, the Ark
Rosanna Warren: Earthworks
Stephen Yenser: Cycladic Idyll
Stephen Yenser: An Apologia
Will Eaves: Skimpole Abroad
Will Eaves: Curve
Garth Greenwell: An Evening Out
Dick Allen: Of What Is Good Enough and Finished First
William Giraldi: God and the Gauntlet
Alexander Nemser: Fiction in Review: Peter Taylor
David Yezzi: Poetry in Review: The Movement; Gunn; Conquest
Jay Nordinger: Recordings in Review: Piano Recordings
VOLUME XCVIII, NO. 3 (July 2010)
Kenneth Gross: Shadows
Louis Auchincloss: Henry James: The Theater Years
Steven B. Smith: The Political Teaching of Lampedusa’s The Leopard
Georgina Kleege: Blind Faith
Arthur Kirsch: “To Choose What Is Difficult All One’s Days”: W. H. Auden’s “For The Time Being: A Christmas Oratorio”
Paula Fox: Clem
Alice Hoffman: Eight Nights of Love
Peter LaSalle: The Dealer’s Girlfriend
Anne Korkeakivi: Ilunga
Charles Wright: Natura Morte
Charles Wright: Waterfalls
Carl Phillips: After Winning the West
Carl Phillips: Like a Lion
Daryle Hine: Stanzas from &, A Serial Poem
James Richardson: Special Victims Unit
James Richardson: The God Who
James Richardson: Portmortem Georgic
Cynthia Zarin: Electric Light
David Wagoner: Long Overdue Praise for Her
David Wagoner: On Being Asked Once More What a Poem Is
Jeffrey Harrison: The Generations
Scott Hightower: At the Shore, Corpus Christi
A. E. Stallings: These Cavafys: What They Mean
Paul Grimstad: What About Bob?
David Galef: Fiction in Review: Arthur Philliips
Stephen Yenser: Poetry in Review: Heather McHugh
Dewey Faulkner: Recordings in Review: Mahler
Bert Cardullo: Film in Review: Children of a Lesser God
VOLUME XCVIII, NO. 4 (October 2010)
Joseph Frank: Dostoyevsky and the “Ideals of Mankind”
Siri Hustvedt: Embodied Visions
Seth Lerer: First Love
William H. Pritchard: Confessions of an Impenitent Reviewer
Ken Ludwig: The Great Tradition in Comedy
Jeffrey Meyers: Sylvia Plath’s Mysterious Lover
Paul West: A Country Village
Ellen Wilbur: Fifteen
Rachel Hadas: Canteen
Campbell McGrath: Matisse: Vence (1951)
Justin Quinn: Singer
Justin Quinn: Sonnet on Missing a Trip…
Carol Muske-Dukes: Two Coasts
Elisabeth Murawski: The King of Time and Space
Matthew Ladd: Dreaming in German
Matthew Ladd: Poem for K.
Knute Skinner: Something in the Grass
Peter Covino: Disappearance and Modulation
Mark Halliday: Merciless Youth
Edwin Frank: Opera
John Kinsella: Building
John Kinsella: Spring Pollen
D. A. Powell: Landscape with Figures Partially Erased
James Longenbach: Spring 2003
Charles Martin: Getting Carded
Austin Segrest: A Tail Full of Suns
Siobhan Phillips: Cold
Jane Shore: The Session
Jane Shore: Rainbow Weather
Cody Walker:  Lenox, Early Spring
Edison Miyawaki: By the Book
Stephen J. Burn: Fiction in Review
Wes Davis: Poetry in Review
Dewey Faulkner: Recordings in Review
VOLUME XCIX, NO. 1 (January 2011)
J. D. McClatchy: From the Editor
Gaddis Smith: “For God, for Country and for Yale” in War and Peace
Harold Bloom: Literary Love
Kai Erikson: The Day the World Turned Red: A Report on the People of Utrik
David Bromwich: How Lincoln Explained Democracy
Glenda Elizabeth Gilmore: Which Southerners? Which Southern Historians?: A Century of Teaching Southern History at Yale
Roberto González Echevarría: Improvisation in the Genesis and Structure of the Quijote
Joseph LaPalombara: Magistrates as Vigilantes: The Italian Example
Daniel J. Kevles: Eden and Empire: The Mercantile Making of American Colonial Husbandry
John Crowley: My Life in the Theatre, 1910–1960
Paul W. Kahn: Criminal and Enemy in the Political Imagination
Amy Hungerford: Fiction in Review: Cold Fiction: Caryle Phillips and Leslie Jamison
Langdon Hammer: Poetry in Review: Kay Ryan
Ellen Rosand: Recordings in Review: Monteverdi’s Poppea
VOLUME XCIX, NO. 2 (April 2011)

J. D. McClatchy: From the Editor
Rolena Adorno: Americanist Visions: Stanley T. Williams, Washington Irving, and Christopher Columbus
Paul Bloom: Family, Community, Trolley Problems, and the Crisis in Mora Psychology
Anne Fadiman: My Old Printer
Edward Kamens: Ink Play
María Rosa Menocal: Remembering John Boswell’s Medieval Spain
Geoffrey Hartman: Listen Up! Keats’s “Ode to Psyche”
Alexander Nemerov: When Did Art Become Meaningless?: Hiram Powers’s Greek Slave
Gordon Rogoff: My Visconti Memoir
Alan Trachtenberg: Dark Patches and Solitude: Walt Whitman’s American Noir
Ruth Bernard Yeazell: This Is Not A Title
Stephen B. Smith: Mr. Sammler’s Redemption
Jeffrey L. Sammons: Harvard, Yale, and the Battle for German Literature on the Eve of America’s Entrance into World War I
Giuseppe Mazzotta: Leopardi and the Poetics of Translation
Caleb Smith: Fiction in Review: David Mitchell
Cynthia Zarin: Poetry in Review: Clampitt, Heaney, Schnackenberg, Walcott
Timothy Young: Music in Review: Yale Rocks!
VOLUME XCIX, NO. 3 (July 2011)
J. D. McClatchy: From the Editor
William Lyon Phelps: The Present Condition and Tendencies of the Drama
Hiram Bingham: Latin America and the Monroe Doctrine
Horatio Parker: Our Taste in Music
Wilbur Cross: From Plutarch to Strachey
Arthur Twining Hadley: Training in Political Intelligence
Wallace Notestein: History and the Biographer
Willam Clyde DeVane: American Education After the War
George Wilson Pierson: The Moving American
C. Vann Woodward: Reflections on a Centennial: The American Civil War
G. Evelyn Hutchinson: Fifty Years of Man in the Zoo
Samuel Flagg Bemis: “America” and “Americans”
Robert Penn Warren: Two Poems
A. Bartlett Giamatti:  A Prince and Her Poet
Jaroslav Pelikan:  Christ – And the Second Christ
John Hersey: First Job
Henri Peyre: Claudel, Breton, and Sartre at Yale
James Tobin: Cents and Nonsense
VOLUME XCIX, NO. 4 (October 2011)
J. D. McClatchy: From the Editor
Richard C. Levin: Eliot of Harvard
Robert A. M. Stern: The Promise and Threat of Global Architecture
Donald Kagan: On Patriotism
Louise Glück: Wasps
David W. Blight: The Big Myths We Live: Robert Penn Warren’s Civil War
Frances McCall Rosenbluth: The Two Faces of Feminism
Peter S. Hawkins: Something Borrowed, Something New
Dolores Hayden: Construction, Abandonment, and Demolition: Poets and the Urban Landscape
Mark Oppenheimer: Leaving Janet Malcolm
Louise Bernard: Unpacking the Archive
Joseph Roach: Viva Voce: The Efficacy of Oral Interpretation
Leslie Brisman: The King James Bible and the Dream of Wholeness
Laura Wexler: “A More Perfect Likeness”: Frederick Douglass and the Image of the Nation
Roberta Frank:  Like a Bridge of Stones
J. D. Connor: Fiction in Review: David Foster Wallace
Richard Deming: Poetry in Review: The New York School
Paul Grimstad: Recordings in Review: Elliott Carter